Truck - Mount Full Matrix Message Board

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Truck-Mount Message Signs offer the advantages of our full-matrix signs packed into a smaller unit. Two models allow for mounting over the cab of a work truck with an integral electrically operated tilt-frame. Signs include preprogrammed messages, graphics, and extra-bold arrow patterns - touchscreen controller is included.


Message Sign

These new truck-mount variable message signs feature a full matrix of LEDs for displaying messages from a moving or parked vehicle.

These signs feature Wanco’s high-efficiency LEDs for reduced energy consumption, superior performance, and outstanding legibility. The full-matrix display can present messages as text, graphics, or a combination of both. Preprogrammed messages and graphics include a selection of bold arrow patterns.

The new truck-mount signs include an integrated low-profile tilt-frame. The tilt mechanism is operated from inside the vehicle by means of an electric actuator. When raised to vertical, the sign displays messages to motorists. When lowered to horizontal, the sign and frame are just 12 inches in height.

The vehicle can move with a convoy while displaying the same detailed information that a stationary trailer or overhead changeable message sign would provide. Vehicle-mount signs are ideal for the following applications:

  • Road striping convoys
  • Snow removal convoys
  • Road sweeping convoys
  • Pothole repairs
  • Crash cushion (TMA) trucks

Wanco subjected the new sign design to independent vibration tests to the equivalent of more than 100,000 miles.


For ease of use, these signs use Wanco’s handheld controller with high-resolution, full-color touchscreen interface.

The controller is installed inside the cab, and continuously shows the message displayed on the sign. A choice of mounting brackets allow the controller to be rotated and tilted or lifted out of the bracket for handheld operation.

A toggle switch on the mounting bracket lets the user operate the tilt-frame, to raise and lower the sign quickly and easily, without exiting the cab.

A user-supplied laptop computer can be used with Wanco software in place of the touchscreen.


Additional Product Specifications:

SKU Cabinet Height Cabinet Length Cabinet Width Display Display Default Font Display Fonts Power Supply
122350 49 in 6 in 72 in 48 x 30 pixels 10" default font; variable font sizes; preprogrammed bold arrows 12 Fonts Vehicle alternator
122352 36 in 6 in 72 in 48 x 20 pixels 10 in.; 5x8 pixels per character; 2 lines; 8 characters per line 12 Fonts Vehicle alternator
122354 49 in 6 in 72 in 48 x 30 pixels 10 in.; 5x8 pixels per character; 3 lines; 8 characters per line 12 Fonts Vehicle alternator

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