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The business of safety since 1956


Pedestrian Crossings Solutions

More than 76,000 Americans have been killed walking or crossing the street in the past 15 years. TAPCO's solar-powered Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety Systems combat these factors.

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School Zone Solutions

Slowing down traffic in school zones is imperative to our children, reducing injuries & fatalities. TAPCO is committed to making walking & bicycling to school safer.

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STOP Sign Intersection Solutions

A majority of intersection-related fatal crashes occur where rural crossings meet high-speed major highways. We offer effective solutions with enhanced warning for these situations.

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Curve Warning & Guidance Solutions

Injuries and deaths on curves are disproportionately higher than on other road types. TAPCO offers several high-visibility warning solutions to address safety at curves of varied type and severity.

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Speed Zones Solutions

TAPCO's Speed Zone Warning Systems warn drivers that they are entering a speed zone or gone over the speed limit. Good where drivers often exceed the posted speed or where potential conflicts exist.

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Parking Facilities Solutions

TAPCO's Parking Facility Traffic Warning Systems can be configured to mitigate many traffic conflicts, including merging vehicles, intersections, crosswalks and height restrictions.

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Railroad Crossing Solutions

A BlinkerSign® flashing LED railroad crossing sign grabs the attention of a driver with bright flashing LEDs.

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Industrial Warning Solutions

Whether you need to provide indoor or outdoor warnings to pedestrians, forklift drivers or truck/auto drivers, TAPCO can fabricate a custom BlinkerSign® to suit your needs.

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Work Zone

Provides on-the-job safety for contractors. Cleaner look and lower cost than a standard dual beacon system or automated flagger.

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DO Not Enter & Wrong Way intersections

Wrong-way drivers cause accidents, injuries and deaths across the country. TAPCO's Wrong-Way Driver Detection Systems are a high-tech, low-maintenance safety solution.

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Emergency Warning Solutions

The egress onto the street or highway may pose visibility challenges for emergency respondants. To combat these issues with an advance warning system, consider our solar-powered BlinkerSign.

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Weather & Disaster Relief Solutions

Give advanced warning to allow drivers to turn around and take alternate routes preventing backups. Each BlinkerSign® stands out, guides the way and are built to weather harsh conditions.

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Wildlife Warning Sign Solutions

BlinkerSign® Wildlife Warning systems can be designed with sensors to sense movement from any large animal, such as bears, deer, elk, caribou and moose.

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Design Solutions

We offer the industry standard in traffic sign-making software. It is the state of the art system to help you master traffic sign design, sign-making & graphics. TAPCO is the only traffic sign manufacturer to offer this total comprehensive system.

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Production Solutions

We make available to you the most advanced, easy to use, high quality equipment to make your job easier. If you are looking for an entry level cutter, a heavy duty flatbed cutter or a large format digital printer, we can supply you the hardware that fits your needs.

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Inspection Solutions

Retroreflectivity is measured using a retroreflectometer. Signs with retroreflectivity below the minimum levels should be replaced. We offer the fastest way to identify, what the sign is, where it is & how Reflective it is. TAPCO has the total solution.

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Inventory Solutions

Need to know the history of maintenance issues or urgently required work? Our AM-Cloud software can tell you about your inventory.

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Training Solutions

If you manufacture signs in house or are beginning your inspection and maintenance of signs in the field, you should consider training and tech support. Training can be tailored to your special needs.

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Turnkey ITS Packages & Solutions

TAPCO is one of the few vendors in Wisconsin able to provide turnkey solutions in the transportation market. We provide integrated solutions in the form of product delivery, trained technical turn on assistance and maintenance if it should be required.

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Parking Solutions

As one of the most complete parking system integrators in Wisconsin and Illinois, TAPCO can solve any challenge efficiently and effectively.

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Our solutions are more then just products, they are specially engineered to solve specific traffic or safety situations. Many allow for additional componentized features & customizations to meet your unique needs.

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