Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon Pedestrian Crosswalk System

The TAPCO Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) Pedestrian Crosswalk System is a one-of-kind crosswalk solution proven to improve driver yield rates by as much as 90% at uncontrolled pedestrian crossings. Ideal for high-speed and multilane crosswalks, the TAPCO RRFB Pedestrian Crosswalk System flashes warning lights using the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) specified alternating WW+S (combination wig-wag and simultaneous) pattern upon activation.

With the capability to enhance safety through user-actuated or passive detection activation, this popular crosswalk safety treatment utilizes alternating flash patterns that command driver attention day and night – making it the go-to solution for traffic professionals nationwide.

In March of 2018, the FHWA issued a new interim approval (IA-21) for the RRFB. To learn about the key changes and how to obtain IA-21 approval, read our Safe Travels® Blog 4 Simple Steps To Request RRFB Approval.

Proven to increase driver yield rates by as much as 90%*

*Source: Efficacy of Rectangular-shaped Rapid Flash LED Beacons


  • MUTCD-compliant
  • WW+S (combination wig-wag and simultaneous) flash pattern
  • Top-of-Pole and side-of-pole control cabinet mounting options
  • Dimmable LEDs to reduce night time glare
  • Optional pedestrian LED indicator notifies user of system activation
  • XAV2-LED push button activation provides voice message
  • BlinkerBeam® wireless communication activates all systems


  • School zone crossings
  • Mulitlane uncontrolled crossings
  • High-speed pedestrian crossings

TAPCO Pedestrian Crosswalk Solutions

Looking to improve crosswalk safety in your community? Download our Pedestrian Crosswalk Solutions brochure and see what solutions can help increase pedestrian visibility and driver compliance in your community.

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Case Study: Pedestrian Solutions
Kenosha School Crossing Safety Improvements

Read how the City of Kenosha made a school crossing safer after a near-tragedy.

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Connected Vehicle Interface

Integrate Your Intelligent Warning Systems with Smart City Infrastructure

The Connected Vehicle Interface upgrades new and existing AC and solar-powered TAPCO Intelligent Warning Systems to integrate with connected vehicle ready infrastructure.

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Remotely Monitor and Manage Intelligent Warning Systems

Enhance this system with the use of BlinkLink® Powered by TAPCO. Easy-to-use, cloud-based application cities utilize to manage, schedule, control and monitor system-wide time clocks and other intelligent warning systems.

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BlinkerBeam® Wireless Radios

Wirelessly Activate and Sync TAPCO Warning Alerts

Upon system activation, the BlinkerBeam® transmitter radio sends wireless signals to BlinkerBeam® receiver radios, triggering each associated alert device to activate.

  • Range of up to 900 feet; can be extended with optional antenna
  • Utilizes 900 MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum
  • Easy-to-read, backlit LCD display with intuitive joystick control for in-field interface navigation
  • Three selectable power levels up to 1 watt to increase signal distance
  • Menu-driven diagnostics for quick-set up and configuration

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Pedestrian Thermal Sensor

The Pedestrian Thermal Sensor’s targeted detection zone identifies vulnerable road users moving within the crosswalk, activating TAPCO warning systems. The sensor’s ability to detect directionality serves a vital function in crosswalk applications, as it reduces false detections when pedestrians walk away from the crosswalk or when bicycles travel in parallel with traffic.  Download Data Sheet »

Bulldog Push Button

Activated with less than two pounds of force, the Bulldog push button provides two-tone audible activation confirmation as well as visual confirmation. This popular activation option meets ADA, MUTCD and TAC requirements, and the housing components comply with NEMA specifications.

XAV2-LED Push Button

The XAV2-LED push button provides an instructional sign, a push button with voice message and three yellow LEDs for visual activation confirmation. This full-featured push button has an optional locate tone that automatically adjusts to ambient sounds via a built-in microphone.

Wireless Bollard

Most commonly installed at pedestrian crossings, vulnerable road users passively trigger system activation by passing through bollards placed on either side of the crosswalk. With the capability to determine pedestrian traffic direction, the bollards are battery operated, requiring no in-ground wiring.

Optional Motion and Presence Detector

Presence detectors activate systems by using infrared and microwave technologies to provide precise presence and motion detection. Ideal for systems where vehicle and pedestrian detection is needed to enhance roadway safety.

Making Crosswalks Safer
RRFB Pedestrian Crosswalk System

The TAPCO Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) Crosswalk System is a one-of-kind crosswalk solution proven to improve driver yield rates by as much as 90% at uncontrolled pedestrian crossings. Ideal for high-speed and multilane crosswalks, the TAPCO RRFB Crosswalk.

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Making Crosswalks Safer
Top-of-Pole RRFB - City of Appleton

Eric Lom, Traffic Engineer for the City of Appleton, Wisconsin, discusses his experience installing a TAPCO RRFB Pedestrian Crosswalk System and the versatility the new top-of-pole self-contained control cabinet provides him and his crew.

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Pedestrian Crosswalk Solutions

As a traffic professional, we know that pedestrian safety is one of your top concerns. So stats like 16% of all roadway deaths are pedestrians or that more than 70,000 pedestrians were injured in 2017 emphasize the need for continued focus on solving this problem. See how TAPCO can assist communities with reducing these numbers and increasing pedestrian safety.

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RRFB and In Lane Light

TAPCO's RRFB easily integrates with in-road warning lights.

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