Traffic Device Monitoring Built for Smart City Infrastructure



BlinkLink®, powered by TAPCO, is an easy-to-use, cloud-based application cities leverage to manage, schedule, control and monitor system-wide time clocks and intelligent warning systems.

Securely connected through reliable cellular or fiber networks, BlinkLink® collects real-time data and sends out voice, email and SMS alert notifications to pre-determined recipients.

  • Access on any web-enabled device
  • Easily program and view the status of every system
  • Analyze system activation trends and gain insight to problem areas
  • Keep your whole team informed through activation alert notifications
  • Generate custom activation reports
BlinkLink Software Diagram

Quickly Monitor Intelligent Warning Systems

Need to quickly find out the current state of your traffic devices? BlinkLink® powered by TAPCO lets you easily monitor the status of every TAPCO Intelligent Warning System from its interactive map view, gather historical device data and quickly access individual systems through the search and filter function.


Controller-Based Mapping

View every device on an interactive map

Historical Data

View status and activation history

Traffic manager monitoring intelligent warning systems

Remotely Manage Intelligent Warning Systems

Spending too much time manually setting time clocks? Eliminate time-consuming site visits with BlinkLink®. Create calendar-based events and apply them to individual or multiple systems with ease. Apply schedule changes on individual days or program them based on weekday and weekend dates.


Custom Calendar Editor

Create activation calendars that apply to devices. Pre-schedule on and off times for different days, weeks and months

Remote Flash Management

Override a set schedule to immediately turn on/off a device and adjust flash times

Custom scheduling of traffic safety systems

Custom Reporting

Generate custom reporting for each device's historical data. Analyze traffic trends through system activations to better manage schedules and flash activations. Alert notification data collects when alerts are sent out and who received the notifications.

System Activation Reporting

Better understand traffic and pedestrian volume

Export Data Logs

View and download alert, activation and system status history

Custom reports created that show system performance

Receive Email and SMS Alerts

Receive immediate email or SMS alert notifications when a traffic emergency occurs or traffic device maintenance is needed. Determine what traffic events and systems thresholds trigger an email or SMS alert. Keep everyone informed by programming multiple alert recipients across city, county and state agencies.

Configure Email Alerts

Receive email alerts right to your inbox.

Configure SMS Alerts

Receive text message alerts on your phone or tablet.

The cool thing about BlinkLink® is that it has got its own diagnostics that will come through and send emails. I don’t even have to go to BlinkLink® ― it comes to me.

– Buck Hodgkinson, Senior Field Service Technician at RIDOT


Instant notifications when system activates