BlinkerBeacon™ Flashing LED Beacon

Commonly used as enhancement warnings at pedestrian crossings, dangerous intersections and heavily trafficked areas, BlinkerBeacon™ Flashing LED Beacons feature new top-of-pole mounting, 12" lenses and solar power capabilities that make this timeless traffic control device more effective than ever.

The BlinkerBeacon™ Flashing LED Beacon is available in single head or dual mount heads with various lens colors and bracket mounts that best fit your traffic control need. Choose from various activation methods ranging from passive detection, user-actuated or 24/7 operation.


  • Solar or AC power
  • Top-of-pole and side-of-pole control cabinet mounting options
  • BlinkerBeam® can synchronously activate all systems wirelessly
  • AutoBright™ circuitry automatically adjusts brightness levels, maintaining optimal LED output and extending battery life
  • Energy efficient solar panel options for various beacon arrangements


  • School zone crossings
  • Mid-block crossings
  • Multilane uncontrolled crossings
  • High-speed pedestrian crossings
  • 4-Way Stop intersections
  • Work zones

Remotely Monitor and Manage Intelligent Warning Systems

Enhance this system with the use of BlinkLink® Powered by TAPCO. Easy-to-use, cloud-based application cities utilize to manage, schedule, control and monitor system-wide time clocks and other intelligent warning systems.

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24/7 Activation

This is the always on option providing 24/7 flashing of your system.

Optional Push Button or Button Station

  • Activated with Less Than 2 lbs Force
  • Provides Two-Tone Audible Confirmation as Well as Visual Confirmation
  • Cannot Be Jammed or Stuck in "On" Position
  • Wind, Hail and Vibrations Have No Effect
  • Superior Grade Pre-Treatment and Powder Coat
  • Stainless Steel Button Cap
  • Meets ADA, MUTCD and TAC Requirements
  • Transient Protection that Meets and Exceeds NEMA Specifications

Vehicle Speed Sensor

A low power draw Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based K-band radar for ITS sign activation and traffic calming. It is the premier product in its class, the world's smallest and lowest power usage OEM K-Band Doppler radar, up to 25X lower than some other industry offerings. 300+ feet typical detective range for a compact vehicle.

Optional Timeclock Controller With Software

  • Windows-Based Program Running from a Laptop or PC (Software and Cable Sold Separately)
  • Simple Solution for Single BlinkerSign® Management
  • Based on the Calendar Year with the Ability to Program in Holidays and Daylight Savings Time
  • Choose from 8 Different Day Types and 16 Events Per Day
  • Ideal for School, Business and Industrial Facility Work Schedules

Optional Motion and Presence Detector

Active infrared and microwave technologies work together to provide precise presence and accurate vehicle and pedestrian motion detection.

  • Mountable Between 8' and 16'
  • Impervious to Light, Sun, Rain and Snow
  • Housing is Rated NEMA-4

BlinkerBeacon™ Overview

In this video we will introduce BlinkerBeacon™ LED Beacons. The combination of Light-Emitting Diodes' long life, low power draw and dramatically increased brightness has made solar-powered traffic beacons a reality.

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