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"I conducted countless traffic studies... the BlinkerStop® sign significantly increased the visibility of the stop sign... unlike a beacon, draws attention directly to the traffic sign and conveys not only the color, but also the physical size and geometric shape of the sign."
David Royer
Consulting Traffic and Highway Engineer

"...the real savings is when you set a post in a V-loc in concrete ... the post can be replaced within minutes, without it can take over 2 hours to chip out and re-pour concrete..."
Jeff Denney
City of Gold Beach, Oregon, Public Works Supervisor

We manufacture innovative environmentally friendly products

Since the1980's TAPCO has been manufacturing its own brand of TAPCO Made™ products. This decision has lead to a wide variety of innovative and green products such as our patented solar powered BlinkerSign® line of products. TAPCO also pioneered the patented V-Loc® sign breakaway system. Learn more about TAPCO Made™ product lines below.

Traffic Signs

Over 50 years of experience in crafting the highest quality signs, TAPCO gets it right every time. We provide a wide range of signs including MUTCD highway signs, OSHA signs, federal signs, street name signs, community signs and much more!

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Solar LED BlinkerSign® & Solutions

TAPCO's Solar LED technologies provide earth-friendly, low-maintenance solutions for an ever-growing domain of traffic safety conflicts. Most of our systems employ solar power, LED technology and wireless communication, which simplify installation, reduce maintenance and benefit you significantly in terms of time, labor and utility charges

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StreetScape Decoratives

Our decorative products are designed to complement municipal, commercial and residential site architecture and enhance these living spaces. Products range from way finding signage on decorative poles to vintage luminaires or safe decorative mailboxes.

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Post Anchoring Solutions (V-Loc®)

V Loc's flush-to-the-ground anchor allows sign posts to breakaway or release cleanly at ground-level, with a 360 degree impact zone. Other above ground mounting systems and can come in contact with a vehicle causing roll-overs or explosions. Save lives and reduce your liability by using V Loc® anchoring sockets for safely anchor all of your posts. NCHRP 350 Crash-tested & Approved.

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