FAST-12T Radar Speed Trailer

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The FAST-12T trailer is designed to combat speeding in small-scale locations, where speed limits are posted at 45mph or below — like residential streets or university campuses. These areas typically have heavy foot traffic, so the FAST-12T radar speed trailer is built with pedestrian safety in mind. Its size and light-weight frame allow for hassle-free transportation by anyone with a passenger vehicle, making it a great option for small municipalities.

This trailer mounted speed detector radar is accurate within one mile per hour, and easily read at a glance. The 12” high, full matrix LED characters can be seen from 750 feet to alert the driver of their speed. And optional violator alerts make your point clear to all.


  • 2″ round tubular steel chassis
  • White polyester powder coat finish over high zinc epoxy primer, UV and graffiti resistant
  • (3) Stabilizer jacks with a 750 lb capacity each. Capable of raising the trailer to 8″ from normal height
  • 4.80 x 8 ST tires on 4 lug automotive type hubs
  • 2″ Class II ball coupler
  • Full 7″ wide, 14 gauge steel fenders
  • 2000 lb rated axle
  • Leaf spring suspension
  • Taper roller bearings
  • GVWR 500 pounds
  • Tongue Weight: ~40 lbs.


  • Single directional K-band radar unit
  • 12” Amber LED Full Matrix display characters
  • 1/8" clear polycarbonate lens with a non-glare textured finish
  • RF Key fob for remote parameter setup, 50+ ft. range
  • Automatic intensity adjustment to ambient light conditions
  • Fold-down speed sign rack
  • Keyed On/Off switch
  • 60W Solar Panel
  • Violator alerts
    • Red LED “SLOW”
    • Red-Blue Flashing Bars
    • White flashing strobe
  • Group 27 AGM battery 160Ah (2x80Ah ea.)
  • Single-cycle 24 hr. ON/OFF clock
  • Directional Traffic Management Arrow Patterns
  • Minimum Display Speed / High-Speed Cut-off
  • Unit defaults to last settings upon power-up
  • AC battery charger included


  • Traffic Count™ Data Package

 1029-fast-12t-trailer-animated-red-blue-wig-wag.gif 1029-fast-12t-trailer-animated-slow.gif

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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