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BlinkerSign® Wildlife Warning systems can be designed with sensors to sense movement from any large animal, such as bears, deer, elk, caribou and moose. The signs can flash 24 hours a day, be turned on manually via a toggle switch or key fob and be set for dusk-to-dawn or desired intervals, including migration periods.

Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions Statistics

Nationally, there are more than one million wildlife vehicle collisions every year, according to Washington-based Defenders of Wildlife. More than 200 of those accidents result in human fatalities.

  • The vast majority (as high as 90 percent in some states) of reported WVCs involve deer
  • WVCs occur more frequently in the early morning (5 to 9 a.m.) and evening (4 p.m. to 12 a.m.), when deer are more active and traffic volume is relatively high
  • WVCs occur more frequently in the spring and especially in the fall when animals move around more due to migration, mating season or hunting season
  • White-tailed deer and vehicle collisions are associated with diverse landscapes featuring abundant edge habitats

Please refer to your local, state and federal regulations for the proper sign size selection.  Rightsizing with the proper sign selection maximizes the achievable safety benefit. 

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