WANCO Folding Frame Arrow Boards

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WANCO Folding Frame Arrow Boards are highly reliable, visible from distances of a mile or more, and employ a unique high-efficiency power system. The folding-frame design pivots the display panel up to the vertical position when deployed, and down to horizontal for transport. The display panel is held in place with a single support that ensures ease of use and prevents damage. Both 15-light and 25-light models are available. 

Folding-frame design

For simple deployment, a heavy-duty winch with safety brake allows one person to raise the arrow board, and a single locking device holds the board in place. Constructed of rigid, tubular steel, all joints are welded. Bolt-on fenders can be replaced if damaged. In the travel position, the unique design fully supports the board without rear braces. As a result, it never strikes another surface during transport. This innovation virtually eliminates the damage that other arrow boards endure.


WANCO arrow boards use high-efficiency LED lights and sealed batteries. Exclusive to WANCO boards, each LED consumes 85% less power than those used on traditional arrow boards. As a result, WANCO arrow boards use fewer, smaller batteries than traditional arrow boards. Smaller and fewer batteries results in greatly reduced lead content — 80% less, when compared to traditional arrow board batteries. Additionally, WANCO batteries are fully sealed and will not leak or spill. Because they require no maintenance, WANCO batteries last longer with fewer replacements.

During the manufacturing process, WANCO boards are powder coated, not painted. Powder coating emits near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and nearly all over-spray is reclaimed and reused.

Finally, when a WANCO arrow board reaches the end of its useful life — usually because of a collision (we have never seen one wear out) — nearly every component can be recycled.


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