Hall Door Monitor (Basic)

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Hall Door Monitor (Basic)

Hall Door Monitor Basic is designed to help create awareness of activity through blind doorways.

Features and Benefits

  • Alerts forklift drivers and pedestrians of dangerous encounters with forklifts operating outside of main doors.
  • Detects on one side and alerts on the other side.
  • Includes 1 box, 1 remote sensor, and 2 small red LED lights.
  • Mount the box on one side of the opening, with you remote sensor in your detection area. 
  • 24 Volt plug-in wall transformer for a 110 Vac receptacle. 
  • Remote sensors are available for unique applications.
  • Additional Add-Ons available upon request.
    • Sensor for Basic
    • Interior Audible
    • Wall Burst

Device comes standard with a 15' Power Cord.

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