Advanced Remote Monitoring System

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The Advanced Remote Monitoring (ARM) system allows an authorized user to manage and monitor their fleet of Portable Traffic Signals, complete with location, run time, battery status, and system logs.

Users can remotely access program data and event logs from active controllers outfitted with the ARM system. In the event of a signal default, the ARM system provides specific information concerning the source of the default. This unique feature expedited the signal’s return to full operation. Daily status updates can also be configured to notify users of battery levels before voltages drop too low.

The Advanced Remote Monitoring (ARM) system utilizes GPS, internet, and cell phone technology to allow for remote management of all your Signal Systems. Internet reports include updated information on:

  • Job-site / Location
  • Operating Hours
  • Battery Voltage
  • System Default
  • Theft Control
  • Error Logs
  • Current Signal Timings

The ARM System gives users access to a satellite view of signal location via a password protected web page. The system allows assignment of multiple authorized users to view the status of a signal(s). The ARM System utilizes the on board power plant and has an internal battery to send messages as a failsafe to ensure uninterrupted communication.

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