Nevada City Addresses Stop Sign Blow Throughs at Notorious Intersection


A stop sign directly before a signalized intersection had become part of the scenery for residents of Henderson, Nevada. Drivers failed to halt at the stop sign almost daily as they looked on at the upcoming traffic signal, leading to collisions. The city resolved to grab drivers’ attention with TAPCO’s LegendViz™ BlinkerStop®.


One 30” Stop (R1-1) LegendViz™ BlinkerStop® (with 13-watt top-of-pole solar panel)


Henderson is the second-largest city in Nevada, sitting 16 miles south of downtown Las Vegas. It is home to roughly 320,000 residents and boasts several colleges and universities, including Nevada State College.


At the intersection of Pacific Avenue and Basic Road, just several blocks from Henderson’s city hall, sits an intersection in a particularly precarious location. Only a few yards from the stop signs at this 4-way stop are the bright lights of a signalized intersection, which can draw the attention of drivers. “There’s a signal down the street,” explained City Traffic Engineer for the City of Henderson, Eric Hawkins. “So sometimes if there’s just a stop sign…people ignore it because they’re looking ahead at the signal. They kind of run through the stop sign.”

Consistent complaints about the safety of the intersection made their way to the employees of the City of Henderson, most of whom had already seen the danger of the intersection firsthand.

“I’ve witnessed close calls,” remarked Assistant City Traffic Engineer at the City of Henderson, Kevin Futch. “We have a lot of violators at this intersection, and it’s pretty consistent. Even though I think that 99 percent of the people that drive this corridor are locals and drive this every day, they’re probably just on autopilot and blowing through it.”

Although they don’t normally involve high speeds, 40 percent of all vehicle collisions happen at intersections, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). With the added danger present at this intersection in Henderson, safety was a definite concern.

LegendViz™ BlinkerSigns provide up to a 267 percent increase in legibility distance over standard signs.

According to a closed-course trial by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute


Aiming to increase the safety of its residents and visitors, the City of Henderson installed a TAPCO BlinkerStop® LED-Enhanced Sign at the location earlier this year, facing the same direction as the upcoming signalized intersection. Henderson already owned dozens of BlinkerStops, placed throughout the city to catch the attention of drivers with their flashing perimeter LEDs.

In 2021, when the city was approached by TAPCO to demo one of their latest innovations, the LegendViz™ BlinkerStop® Sign, this same intersection immediately came to mind. While the BlinkerStop® had increased safety, the LegendViz™ BlinkerStop® offered the opportunity to safeguard the intersection even further.

The LegendViz™ BlinkerStop® elevates a traditional, static stop sign by combining the bright, flashing perimeter LEDs of a BlinkerSign® like the BlinkerStop® with TAPCO’s LegendViz™ LED-illuminated, non-flashing legend. The legend illuminates from dusk to dawns, automatically adjusting its brightness according to ambient light levels.

LegendViz™ BlinkerSigns provide up to a 267 percent increase in legibility distance over standard signs, according to a closed-course trial by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. They are MUTCD compliant and made in the USA, and currently available in three sign faces: Stop Sign (R1-1), Wrong-Way Sign (R-1a) and Do Not Enter Sign (R5-1).

“I think it’s great,” commented Kevin on the combined features of the LegendViz™ BlinkerStop®. “I think it’s nice that it’s all in one unit.”

The City of Henderson installed a solar-powered LegendViz™ BlinkerStop® at the notorious intersection, hoping to further reduce sign blow-throughs.

“The install went smoothly,” commented Kevin. “It was pretty simple and self-explanatory. It came with instructions on how to do the install with the plate and the brackets. It attached very easily, so they had no problem with that.”

"According to the NHTSA, 40% of all vehicle collisions happen at intersections."


Now, with the added emphasis offered by the nighttime, illuminated legend in addition to flashing perimeter LEDs, the city feels secure knowing it has taken further steps to safeguard all road users at the intersection.

“I think this reinforces it,” stated Kevin on the added safety offered by the LegendViz™ BlinkerStop®. “I think without the blinking or re-emphasizing the stop, we were getting those people that would just violate it.”

Kevin also remarked on the savings he saw with the LegendViz™ BlinkerStop® being solar powered.

“I think obviously, being solar powered, not having to be hardwired, that’s where I see the savings.”

It’s important for cities to consider their budget when purchasing traffic safety solutions, but the safety of their citizens is also ultimately the most important factor, a sentiment expressed by Eric.

“How do you put a value [on] reducing stop sign running?”

The City of Henderson saw the value of increasing safety at this specifically dangerous intersection, and feel they have now taken multiple, helpful measures to increase driver awareness.

"How do you put a value [on] reducing stop sign running?”

Eric Hawkins, City Traffic Engineer for the City of Henderson, NV


Increase sign legend visibility distance in low light conditions by as much as 100 percent, according to Texas A&M TTI testing


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