FAQ: What You Need to Know About Icy Road Warning Systems

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No amount of care can guarantee safety when driving on an icy road. However, being warned of dangerous icy roads up ahead can help significantly — and even save lives.

Vendors like TAPCO have specifically engineered Icy Road Warning Systems to do just that.

How does the TAPCO Icy Road Warning System work?

First, a pole-mounted sensor precisely calculates road temperature and relative humidity to determine if conditions are favorable for ice to form. If they are, a BlinkerBeam® transmitter radio sends wireless signals to BlinkerBeam® receiver radios, which trigger signs with LEDs embedded into the perimeter of their sign face to flash.

Known as BlinkerSigns, these LED-enhanced signs capture drivers’ attention and alert them to use caution. They are MUTCD compliant, flashing in accordance with MUTCD section 2A.07.

The signs’ high-intensity, one-watt LEDs can withstand the harshest environmental conditions, and they automatically dim based on ambient light, maintaining optimal LED output and extending battery life.

In addition, sign legends can be designed according to customer preference, and they can even be ruggedized.

Designed to be weatherproof and tamper-proof, the system is easy to install onto new or existing round, square or wood posts.

How do I know if I need an Icy Road Warning System?

If your area experiences roadway ice in the winter, you should consider leveraging an Icy Road Warning System to protect all road users. This is especially important if there have been any collisions in the past due to icy road conditions.

Elevated bridges and roads with sharp curves are at even greater risk of quick-forming ice catching motorists off guard and increasing collision rates.


I want to implement the system in a remote area. Are there solar power options?

Yes, a solar-powered TAPCO system can be designed to fit your specific environment. AC-powered options are also available.

What are my system enhancement options?

Remotely monitor and manage your system with BlinkLink®, an easy-to-use, cloud-based software application.

Securely connected through reliable cellular or fiber networks, BlinkLink® collects real-time data and sends out voice, email and SMS alert notifications to pre-determined recipients.

  • Access on any web-enabled device
  • Easily program and view the status of every system
  • Analyze system activation trends and gain insight to problem areas
  • Keep your whole team informed through activation alert notifications
  • Generate custom activation report

What is the price of the system?

Costs vary depending on your needs and the system’s configuration. TAPCO provides prompt quotes to help you determine what works with your budget, so don’t hesitate to request one.


Discover more about the TAPCO Icy Road Warning System here >

Robert Kurka

TAPCO | Product Manager

With over a decade in business development, marketing and product management, Robert strives to improve transportation safety through innovation.

He is a pedestrian safety solutions expert who especially enjoys working with the TAPCO family to develop lifesaving products and solutions, such as the SafeWalk® Crosswalk Illuminator and the VizMark™ Pavement Marking Enhancement.

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