Video Detection for Actuation

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Horizon Portable Traffic Signals have been engineered to be component based systems. Add-on components are available to enable designers and engineers to meet their specific project requirements.

Video Detection Systems offered by Horizon Signal Technologies for traffic actuation combine performance, functionality and ease of use to provide non-intrusive true presence detection. High sophisticated algorithms ensure accurate detection zones that can be configured to meet site specific requirements.

  • True presence detection
  • Non-intrusive, above ground installation
  • Flexible detection zone placement
  • Multi-zone detection capability
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Optional Windows® based programming
  • Heavy duty construction for maximum service life

How Does it Work?

  • The Video Detection System consists of a camera and processor system. The camera features high resolution, with remote zoom and focus functions. It is also equipped with a high a sensitivity color imager to ensure accurate vehicle detection regardless of lighting conditions. The sophisticated processor helps ensure reliable true presence detection.
  • Non-intrusive detection zones are configured during the system setup process by utilizing the video imaging screen to determine the detection zone placement. After the detections zones have been created and placed in the traffic lanes, the system quickly learns the configuration, and begins real-time true presence detection.

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