Mobile Network Video Recorder

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Mobile Network Video Recorder

Teleste mobile network video recorders are modular and environmentally hardened IP network video recording devices for demanding on-board rolling stock security systems.


Fitted for all on-board rolling stock security systems

  • Teleste mobile network video recorders (mNVR) are tried and tested stand-alone recorders designed for IP security video camera systems intended for on-board rolling stock security systems. Typical installation examples are IP camera systems on-board railcars and carriages, or in metro and tram cars. The hardware platform complies with EN50155 requirements.

Reliable operation in fixed and wireless networks

  • The system is based on a secured IP/Ethernet network in which the mNVR, the IP based surveillance cameras and wireless transmission together with the ground system are the core components. From the management and operational point of view the vehicle networks can produce near real-time video streaming during operational hours to main control centers via dedicated 3G/4G/wireless radio connections.

IP-based connectivity

  • The video streams are transmitted into the unit directly from IP cameras or video encoders over the local network inside e.g. a railcar or a tram. The appliance records these together with all the related metadata, such as geographical location information, in an uninterruptible loop mode to a local storage.

Wireless and automated offload

  • Also downloading of recordings is available on demand in time critical incidents. However the primary moment in time for automated offloading of recordings takes place over Wi-Fi connections when the vehicles are returned back to their depots and garages for daily maintenance and service. After downloading, all video files are available for further examination and usage at the video management system for event analysis and authenticated evidence creation purposes.


  • Improved passenger safety
  • Ability to intervene and record any criminal or disorder activity
  • Optimised event and crime investigation
  • Compact size
  • Continuous object tracking between stations and vehicles
  • Enabling inter-agency video content exchange
  • Rugged design against shock and vibration
  • Adaptive to various vehicle supply voltage systems
  • Autonomous operation
  • Geolocation tagged recordings
  • GPS/3G/4G network time sync
  • Metadata based search criteria
  • Automatic and on-demand offload of recordings
  • Multiple user levels
  • Fulfils EN50155 requirements
  • Remote diagnostics

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