SQ3TS® Portable Traffic Signal System with Solar Assist

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SQ3TS Portable Traffic Signal

The NEMA Type TR1 SQ3TS Trailer-Mounted PTS is the most dynamic and dependable signal available today. With an industry-leading 100-mph wind load, and a 25-year design life, the SQ3TS Portable Traffic Signal is the temporary traffic control workhorse that you can rely on year after year.

From a simple one-lane bridge repair project, to complete intersection control, the SQ3TS System has you covered, under even the most demanding conditions.


  • Heavy-duty trailer with 25-year design life
  • Dual-Processor Malfunction Management System
  • Withstands sustained winds of 100mph, gusts up to 110mph
  • 10-year structural warranty on trailer
  • Lifting Ring for easy signal placement
  • Hydraulic lift system
  • 30 days run time on batteries alone
  • Up to 14 phases of traffic per system
  • Tandem-tow trailers
  • Exceeds NEMA TS-5 requirements for Type TR1 PTS
  • MUTCD Compliant


25 Year Design Life | The SQ3TS trailer is built with only the highest-quality materials to ensure your signals function at the highest level year after year.  No other PTS comes close.

100 MPH Wind Load | Independent 3rd-party analyses have concluded that the SQ3TS can withstand sustained winds of 100 MPH, and gusts of 110 MPH.

Dual-Processor MMS | Each Horizon PTS features the built-in redundancy of TWO conflict monitors -- the most secure system in the industry.

Lifting Ring | Facilitates placement of the SQ3TS behind guardrail, fences, barriers, or other work zone obstacles

Hydraulic Lifting System | Simple pushbutton activation lifts the overhead mast arm into the operating position with no failure-prone cables or winches.

(16) 6-Volt batteries Standard | 30+ days of runtime on every SQ3TS system

520 Watts Solar | Lay-flat solar panels aid in achieving our high wind load ratings, and also help prevent theft or vandalism.

Additional Specifications

SKU 119573
Signal Lamp Size 12 in diameter
Signal Arm Extension 68 in to 109 in
Solar Charge 520W
Power 12V / (16) 6V batteries
Tow Height 89 in
Trailer Width 85 in
Trailer Weight 3000 lbs


Available Options

Tilting Solar Panels | Allows for solar panel adjustment on SQ3TS for maximum sun exposure.

15-Foot Extension Arm | Longer extension arm for greater horizontal reach on SQ3TS trailer. Ideal for 2-lane application.

Advanced Remoter Monitoring | Receive text and/or email alert notifications of signal operation and battery voltage levels.

Wireless Knockdown | Allows signal to operate in conjunction with a standard street corner control cabinet.

Pre-Emption System | Recognizes emergency vehicles and provides earliest safe green indications.

Wait Time & Fault Display | Informs motorists of wait time before next green indication.

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