Island Alert Curb Reflector

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Island Alert Curb Reflector

The Island Alert curb marker is a low-cost safety solution designed to improve the visibility of raised islands, median noses, pedestrian refuges and similar roadway features.

The Federal Highway Administration recommends that all curbs at intersections, including median islands and other raised channelization, be delineated. The exceptional retro-reflectivity of Island Alert markers provides a clear visual cue to the motorist of the full-radius of raised medians, reducing accidents and improving safety.

This simple device builds upon the proven technology of flexible pavement markers, and can be applied to almost any median nose shape or configuration due to its narrow, flexible design.

Benefits of Island Alert

  • Visible - continuous ribbon of reflectivity
  • Simple - Prime, peel and stick application
  • Practical - low-cost safety solution improves roadway safety
  • Flexible - notched foot allows installation to match curvature
  • Durable - UV-Stable flexible polyurethane for long life in the field


Island Alert reflectors are made out of 100% polyurethane, the toughest flexible polymer made. Flexibility over a temperature range from -20° F to over 160° F makes these markers suitable for any climate. Notching the base of the reflector further allows the marker to bend to meet almost any geometry. Island Alert can be installed in a straight line, wide arc, narrow arc, or even in a full circle.


Factory-applied adhesive strips allow for peel-n-stick installation. Simply prime the surface with a simple-to-use spray primer, wait 60 seconds, peel off the release paper and press the reflectors in place.


  • Median Noses
  • Bull Noses
  • Raised Islands
  • Pedestrian Refuges
  • Traffic Circles

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