Overheight Warning System

TAPCO's Overheight Warning System provides transportation departments their best chance of avoiding potential budget destroying low structure collisions by detecting overheight vehicles in advance of low structures and alerting drivers to an impending collision ahead.


  • Sensor height tailored to each system
  • Sensor lights confirm operation
  • Solar or AC power
  • Variety of warning alerts


  • Low bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Weigh stations
  • Underpasses
  • Any low clearance hazards

TAPCO Overheight Warning Solutions

Is there a low-lying bridge constantly being struck by overheight vehicles in your community? Download the brochure and see how TAPCO's solutions increase roadway safety while protecting brides and budgets in the process.

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Infrared Sensor Detection

Infrared transmitter and receiver sensors are mounted on either side of the road in advance of the low structure, creating an infrared beam over the road. When an overheight vehicle breaks the infrared beam, the receiver sends a wireless signal to active the warning alert, notifying the driver that their vehicle won't clear the structure ahead.

LED-Enhanced Warning Alerts

Overheight Warning Systems can be designed with a variety of MUTCD-compliant, LED-enhanced BlinkerSign® or BlinkerBeacon™ warning alerts dependent upon customer preference and environmental factors. Mounting options can also be tailored to meet each installation need.

Optional BlinkLink Programming

Remotely monitor the status of TAPCO Overheight Warning Systems with BlinkLink® cloud software. Connected via an optional cellular modem, BlinkLink® cameras capture overheight vehicle images upon system activation and send email and text alerts to predetermined recipients.

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