Each month, TAPCO hosts a variety of traffic safety webinars on topics, ranging from harsh weather conditions to new product development and funding information.


Reckless driving has become an epidemic in recent years. In TAPCO’s Reckless Driving Panel, hear from organizations that have unique insights into the reckless driving epidemic.

Guest speakers include:

  • - Melodie Matout, ATSSA's Innovation & Technical Services Manager
    - James Weatherall, Traffic Logix's Executive VP of Sales
    - Ryan Jenkins, TMJ4 News Reporter

Blueprints for Success: Workplace Safety

Connected School Zones: Are They Worth It?

Creating Safe Roadways: A Distracted Driving Webinar

Traffic Sign Technology: Past Present and Future

Inclement Weather: A TAPCO Solutions-driven Webinar

Federal Safety Funding Opportunities, presented by ATSSA

Enhancing Traffic Flow With AI

Rural Roadways: A TAPCO Solutions- driven Webinar

BlinkLink®: Software to Enhance Your Traffic Safety Systems

LegendViz®: Real World Applications

Proven Ways to Maximize Intersection Safety for All Road Users

How RIDOT Reduced Wrong-way Driving with Wrong-way Alert Systems

5 Reasons Overheight Collisions Occur and the Proven Way to Reduce Them

Rural Roadway Departures: Why They Happen and Real-world Strategies to Reduce Them



Profitable Partnerships: Crafting Maintenance Contracts for Long-Term Gains

Wrong-Way Alert Systems Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining Your School Zone Systems

Maintaining Your Signalized Intersections

BlinkerSign® and RRFB Crosswalk Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance

Ensuring ITS Longevity