U-Channel Bend-Bak Delineator

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Bendable Low-Carbon Steel Permanent Delineators

BEND-BAK mild-carbon steel delineators bend without breaking, combining the strength and durability of steel with the flexibility of plastic and fiberglass. FHWA-approved, BEND-BAK delineators are strong enough to be easily and economically driven directly into the ground without bending. Yet they are flexible enough to be straightened manually if they are run over.

System Features Include:

  • Priced three to four times less than plastic or fiberglass delineators.
  • Cost less to install and repair than plastic or fiberglass delineators.
  • Drive directly into the ground without bending.
  • Easily manually straightened when needed.
  • Available in a variety of lengths up to eight feet.
  • Powder-Shell coated in a variety of colors.

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