U-Channel Sign Posts

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U-Channel Sign Posts

  • 25% stronger than other U-channel posts
  • Manufactured from 100% steel
  • Engineered with a patented, ribbed-back design that allows sign-mounting on front and back of post
  • Rib-Bak® high-carbon billet sign posts are as much as 25% stronger than other U-channel posts
  • Available in green or galvanized; federal brown or glossy black available upon request
  • Fast, easy installation using conventional tools
  • 1.12 lb, 2 lb or 3 lb per foot
    • For 1.12lb posts: holes go 30" down post
    • For 2 & 3lb posts: holes are full length of post
  • NCHRP 350-compliant

Call for additional sizes and colors. Minimum orders may apply.

Product Specifications:

Comparing sign posts

  RIB-BAK U-Channel Other U-Channels


U.S. New-billet Steel Foreign Rail Steel

Steel Properties

Consistent and Strong

Inconsistent and Weak; 25% Less

Tensile Strength

Supports Signage on Back of Post

Yes No- Signs Wobble on a Rounded Surface

Yield Strength

80-100 KSI 60-80 KSI

ASTM Requirements

Exceeds Requirements Meets Requirements

Post Needed to Support 30" Stop Sign in 70 mph winds, 7' Clear Height

2.5 lb Sign Post 3 lb Sign Post

 Powder Shell

Description Smooth Glossy Polyester Powder Coat
Gloss ASTM D523 75-85%
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 H-2H
Flexibility ASTM D522 1/8th Inch
Adhesion ASTM D3359 5B
Direct Impact ASTM D2794 160 in./lbs. @ 2.0mils
Reverse Impact ASTM D2794 160 in./lbs. @ 2.0mils


Additional Product Specifications:

SKU Material Weight
054-00003 Recycled Steel 24 lb
054-00004 Recycled Steel 20 lb
054-00005 Recycled Steel 30 lb
054-00007 Recycled Steel 36 lb
054-00011 Recycled Steel 42 lb
054-00029 Recycled Steel 36 lb
054-00060 Recycled Steel 18 lb
100620 Recycled Steel 30 lb
106724 Recycled Steel 18 lb
109901 Recycled Steel 24 lb

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