Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Post Puller

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This hydraulic-powered vehicle mounted portable post-puller extracts various posts and poles from the ground. One person operation, no need for a front end loader, backhoe, hand jack or large work crew with shovels.

The lifting cylinder is placed adjacent to the pole or post to be removed and is in a position to extract the pole from the ground. Comes complete with self-contained electric motor, hydraulic pump and self-contained reservoir.

Typically, you will mount this power unit to the main tube of the hydraulic puller and connect it to the puller with factory supplied hoses. Customer supplied battery cables connect the power unit to the truck battery. The power source for the hydraulics is from a customer supplied PTO mounted to the truck. Typically, a diverter valve is installed to direct oil to the puller. Due to variation on installations, hydraulics hoses connecting the pump to the puller are not supplied from the factory.

  • Requires 3/4 ton or heavier truck
  • 10,000 lb. of pulling power with a 91 1/2" reach from pivot point
  • Boom Extension is 30"
  • Approximate total weight added to vehicle is approximately 300 lb.
  • Shipping weight approximately 500 lb.

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