TC30 Ultrasonic Vehicle Presence Sensor

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TAPCO restricts the sale of this item to Wisconsin customers only.

  • True presence detection of single lane / area
  • Inexpensive loop detector replacement
  • Installs easily above ground
  • Adjustable range (up to 22')
  • Input to vehicle classifier and controllers
  • External adjustment panel
  • External indicator LEDs (eases drive test confirmation)
  • Fail-safe mode (recall) in the event of power loss


The TC30 is an ultrasonic sensor designed for detecting vehicle presence. It can also be used with automatic gates, tolls booths, for highway traffic management, loading dock monitoring and other parking control applications. The TC30 mounts above ground, requires no pavement cuts and can be installed with minimal or no traffic disruption.

The TC30 is an economical way to detect the continuous presence of an object within its detection pattern, stationary or in motion. The TC30 is ideal for detecting vehicle presence in a right-hand turn lane from a horizontal (side-fire) mount or in an individual lane from an overhead mount. It is also used in automatic gates and other parking control applications, as well as in loading dock applications. The TC30 is easily mounted above ground. It requires no pavement cuts and can be installed in minimal or no traffic disruptions. Once installed, adjustments can be made via an external range control and external detection LED .

Detector, TC30 Ultrasonic Vehicle Presence 6-12 VDC or 24-24 AC Power Requirement, 49.7kHz

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