Intersector Microwave Motion and Presence Sensor

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TAPCO restricts the sale of this item to Wisconsin customers only.

Used for intersection control, the unit interfaces with a traffic-control cabinet, and outputs signals when vehicles are present in user-defined zones. Zones are created using an X-Y coordinate system, and operation is verified and optimized using a laptop with Internet Explorer 6.0 (or greater) as part of the installation process.

Allows users to create up to 8 detection zones and assign vehicle presence in these zones to up to 4 outputs to the control cabinet (e.g. left turn, straight through, right turn). Detection zones can be created to a maximum distance of 425 feet from the sensor itself and will track the presence of a vehicle in a detection zone for a predetermined time. For each sensor, one TCIB Interface Board (459-00004, see below) is required in order to communicate with the control cabinet.

  • Detection not affected by weather Immune to sunrise/sunset or post-rain glare
  • Not susceptible to in-road breakage
  • Multiple lanes covered by a single unit
  • Advance/stop bar detection in a single unit
  • Easily installs to corner pole
  • Successfully detects bicycles/motorcycles
  • Significant cost savings compared to camera mounting requirements or multiple loops
  • No privacy concerns
  • Classifies bicycles as they approach a red light, allowing users to establish bicycle-only detection zones
  • Graphically track vehicles as they approach the intersection
  • Easily set up detection zones to provide programmable inputs to a control cabinet
  • Verify that the system is functioning correctly and troubleshoot

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