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Knuffi® warning and protective bumper guards act as a buffer zone for people, machines, and objects; absorbing hard impacts and preventing injury and damage. Injury to personnel and downtime due to repairs can be a thing of the past. The warning markings help to reduce accidents and highlight danger at edges, gaps and obstacles.

Knuffi® performs well in temperatures from -40°F to +212°F (-40°C to 100°C) making them versatile for use both indoors and outdoors, I.e., high traffic areas, hallways, corridors, machinery, forklifts, shelves, gates, and much more.


  • Profile Body: Recyclable Polyurethane foam, completely free of CFCs.
  • Surface: Polyurethane foam colored by reverse printing and foamed in place so that no paint appears on the outside.
  • Adhesive: All types except “B” and “BB” are installed using light and ageing resistant, modified acrylic glue. B2 according to DIN 4102 and UL 94HB/10mm.
  • Installation: Simply adhere to clean, grease-free surface.

Knuffi are manufactured using a patented technique that prevents color deterioration under highly abrasive conditions. Knuffi warning and protective bumper guards are manufactured from tough, flexible polyurethane foam and sheathed in polyurethane foil during the foam production. A reverse printing process, on the inward-facing side of the foil, allows the foil itself to protect the paint so tat the warning colors remain in place even if heavy abrasion takes place. A light and aging resistant, high performance adhesive is applied to the inside or back of the profiles.

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