Slip-Safe U-Channel Breakaway Kit

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Slip-Safe U-Channel Breakaway System for High-Impact Areas

This durable, safe and reusable breakaway system is the ideal solution for small sign supports in high-impact areas. SLIP-SAFE is a simple slip base system designed to be installed – and reinstalled – quickly and cost effectively, while offering exceptional driver safety. By design, virtually the entire system is reusable after it’s hit.

System Features Include:

  • Handles sign panels up to 42 sq. ft. using three 4 lbs./ft RIB-BAK U-channel posts within a 7 ft. span.
  • Short RIB-BAK base or ground post is quickly and easily driven into even the hardest clay soils from ground level in just minutes.
  • Specially designed castings are bolted to the top and bottom posts. These assemblies are bolted together with U-washers, with a keeper plate in between.
  • All assembly uses basic hand or power tools.
  • SLIP-SAFE exceeds crash impact standards by more than 200 percent. NCHRP criteria for occupant impact velocity has established a maximum of five meters per second, with three meters per second preferred. In field tests, the SLIP-SAFE cut the preferred occupant impact velocity in half.
  • Virtually the entire system is reusable after it’s hit. This reduces re-installation time, and saves money by reducing the cost of purchasing new parts and hardware.

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