Pilot Car / Flagger Module

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Horizon Portable Traffic Signals have been engineered to be component based systems. Add-On components are available to enable designers and engineers to meet their specific project requirements.

The Pilot Car / Flagger Module allows a pilot car driver or flagger to operate a Horizon Signal System remotely using a handheld transmitter. The use of Horizon Signal Systems equipped with our Pilot Car / Flagger Module increases safety for both the worker and the motorist.

Pilot Car Operation

  • The Pilot Car / Flagger Module can be used in conjunction with any Horizon Signal System
  • Three selectable green time options are available and can be selected by the pilot car operator via wireless remote
  • The wireless remote allows the pilot car operator to select green time in 15 second increments based on traffic volume

Flagger Operation

  • When operating the Pilot Car / Flagger Module in Flagger mode, each signal is controlled by a flagger via wireless remote
  • The flagger module provides the operator with the ability to choose between the green or red mode and facilitates signal mode changes including yellow time
  • The Horizon operating system will not allow the flagger/operator to override the pre-programmed all red clearance time

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