Hinged Guardrail Reflectors

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Hinged Guardrail Reflectors

Reflective guardrail markers create bright delineation, creating safer roads and safer driving conditions

The straight S-Flex mounts easily to wood or steel guardrail posts. It measures 4" x 8.75". Reflective area is 4" x 4". It's designed for cold weather environments to prevent loss of reflective tape during sub-zero temperatures.

This unique polyurethane "Gator Jaws" hinge allows the reflector to bend down and spring back into an upright position upon impact. Hinged markers will continue to rebound time after time, providing reliable delineation and reducing the need for maintenance.

The design of the "Gator Jaws" hinge creates both a chemical and mechanical bond between the hinge and the reflective panel. The "teeth" of the jaws provide a 500 percent increase in the bonding surface area. Even in sub-freezing temperatures, the polyurethane hinge remains flexible. The result is long lasting, impact resistant performance.


  • W-Beam Guardrails
  • Box Beam Guardrails
  • Wood Guardrail Posts
  • I-Beam Guardrail Posts
  • Bridge Approaches
  • Hills, Curves, Gores & Off-Ramps
  • Wrong-Way Areas



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