Handheld Data Terminal

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Handheld Data Terminal

Wireless Carpark is a "cloud-based" hosted solution with no server on site, allowing the system to be used at multiple sites. The Wireless Carpark platform offers users a secure and reliable system with guaranteed up time.


Features and Benefits

  • Provide revenue control with ticket issuance
  • Accepts cash, real-time credit card and barcode passes/permits
  • Implement systems with little or no infrastructure needed
  • License to the service, not the location
  • Increase ingress speed
  • Operate in off-line mode to accept cash and validate passes
  • Generate advanced real time reporting
  • Refund cash and credit card transactions
  • Handle both gated and non-gated locations
  • Develop system integrations and customized options
  • Reschedule passes to an alternate date and/or location as needed
  • Quickly add additional lanes
  • Handle multiple events and rates simultaneously
  • Extended exceptionalservice and support
  • Offer multiple payment and financing options
  • Support different languages and currencies



Designed for speed and usability, Wireless Carpark takes a minimalist approach to the user interface. By keeping it simple, there is less training for staff, faster vehicle processing and fewer headaches for user and managers alike. Wireless Carpark is written in .NET and utilizes SQL Server 2008, SQL Compact and Windows Mobile on the handheld devices, Intermec Printing Language and Crystal Reporting.

Navigating through the handheld application is simple and intuitive for users. Cash transactions are handled in less than two seconds, credit card payments are processed in less than three seconds with a swipe of the patron's card, and acceptance of passes or permits occurs instantly with the scan of a barcode.

On the backend of the system, configuring the program is straightforward. Programming events, devices, locations, rates, season passes, user security and pulling reports is easily accomplished. Users with the appropriate credentials simply access www.wirelesscarpark.com and log on to the corporate account using their email address and password. From there, users can implement any programming updates, additions and changes or pull real-time reports on any of their associated locations.


The Wireless Carpark handheld system offers a mobile solution that allows attendants to move around freely and issue tickets on demand. Wireless Carpark's handheld system runs on a selection of sophisticated Intermec or Motorola wireless handhelds and utilizes Intermec mobile printers to issue vehicle tickets and receipts on demand. Handhelds are equipped with barcode scanners to accept season passes, permits or reservations. Mag Stripe Readers are optional for sites wishing to accept credit card payments and limit cash transactions.

The handheld system options run over your choice of a standard wireless connection or a cellular network. In some instances a combination of both may be desirable depending on the needs and objectives of the site(s). Wireless Carpark is standardized on devices that are equipped with a wireless antenna and/or a cellular card.


Convenient reporting grants managers the power to retrieve real-time reports from any internet connection simply by signing into the system with their credentials. Pull revenue, capacity, permit redemption reports, historical information and much more. Managers finally have the critical information they need, in a timely fashion, to make proactive decisions that can immediately have a positive impact. For example, a manager may see that one location is extremely busy while another nearby location is slow or already full. In response, the manager can easily re-allocate resources to meet the current demand.

Investment Benefits

The Wireless Carpark system translates into increasedprofits and a timely return on investment (ROI) by providing a dependable, cost effective automated solution that is easily implemented with little or no infrastructure requirements. Wireless Carpark's cost effective system immediately begins enhancing your operations efficiency; increasing management control, providing accurate data and decreasing shrinkage.

As a "cloud-based" application, costly server hardware, licensing and maintenance is eliminated. Software licensing to individual devices provides the freedom to utilize the system at multiple locations; with no additional costs. If your operation chooses to only accept cash, off-line mode provides the auditing capabilities you need while eliminating the monthly expense of cellular accounts.

*Three year warranty upgrade available*

* Monthly subscription to mobile-based parking revenue service is required*

Data Collection Terminal, Intermec CN50, 3G Wifi Bluetooth, Handheld, 3.5" color screen, CN50AQU1EN21

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