Speed Limit LED BlinkerSign®

Speed Limit LED BlinkerSign® signs bring attention to speed limit signs where local speeding is a notorious issue. Saving on police patrols to monitor vehicle speeds, Speed Limit LED BlinkerSign® signs are especially beneficial where speed limits have recently been reduced and where high-levels of non-compliance occurs. The signs can be mounted permanently or be moved as desired, and can flash 24/7 or be activated by oncoming vehicle speeds.

Features & Advantages

  • Installs Easily Onto Any New or Existing Sign Post
  • Solar Powered, No AC Power Required
  • Proprietary Circuitry Automatically Adjusts Light Output for Maximum Visibility and Battery Efficiency
  • Can Be Integrated into an ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)
  • MUTCD Compliant


  • New Speed Change Locations
  • High Incident Intersections
  • Rural Roads

24/7 Activation

This is the always on option providing 24/7 flashing of your system.

Optional Timeclock Controller With Software

  • Windows-Based Program Running from a Laptop or PC (Software and Cable Sold Separately)
  • Simple Solution for Single BlinkerSign® Management
  • Based on the Calendar Year with the Ability to Program in Holidays and Daylight Savings Time
  • Choose from 8 Different Day Types and 16 Events Per Day
  • Ideal for School, Business and Industrial Facility Work Schedules

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