BlinkerSign® Flashing LED Signs

BlinkerSign® Flashing LED signs are edge-lit signs engineered to capture drivers' attention and increase roadway compliance while utilizing highly visible amber, red, orange or white LEDs, dependent upon the sign face.

High Quality, Made in USA

  • Manufactured in Brown Deer, WI
  • Engineered to withstand the harshest environmental conditions

Simple Installation

  • Lightweight, fully assembled design
  • Easy to install onto new or existing round, square or wood posts


  • Compliant with MUTCD Chapters 2A, 2B, 2C or 7B
  • Applicable and flash in accordance with MUTCD section 2A.07

BlinkerSign® Brochure

Are drivers ignoring your static signs? Need to increase roadway compliance? Download the BlinkerSign® Brochure to determine what BlinkerSign® best fits your needs.

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Ruggedized BlinkerSign®

Extreme weather events can inflict severe damage to standard traffic signs. Reinforced with two additional layers of material to withstand harsh weather conditions, the Ruggedized BlinkerSign® is engineered to take on heavy winds, plowed or blowing snow and falling debris.

Ruggedized BlinkerSign® Specifications

Get power requirements, specifications and more details about the TAPCO Ruggedized BlinkerSign®.

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