BlinkerBeacon™ Flashing LED Beacons

BlinkerBeacon™ Flashing LED Beacons can be designed in single head or dual mount heads with various lens colors, including red and amber.


  • Flashes in accordance with MUTCD section 2A.07

Variable Dimming

  • Utilizing photocell sensors routed through TAPCO controllers
  • Automatically dims based upon ambient light - maintaining optimal LED output while extending battery life

Available Options

  • 8" or 12" LED modules
  • ITE-compliant 2.2V and 12V power options
  • Cut visor standard, tunnel visor available

Standard BlinkerBeacon™ Mounting Options

TAPCO Intelligent Warning Systems can be assembled using a variety of BlinkerBeacon™ mounting arrangements to maximize safety at any location.


Single Back-to-Back

Dual Horizontal

Dual Horizontal Back-to-Back

Dual Vertical

Dual Vertical Back-to-Back

Triple Vertical

BlinkerBeacon™ Specifications

Get power requirements, specifications and more details about the TAPCO BlinkerBeacon™.

Download Data Sheet