Evacuation Routing BlinkerSign®

Evacuation situations are important to have quick and structured vehicle evacuations. Poor or hard to see static signs can cause driver confusion and pile ups which is the last thing you want during Evacuations. All signs on evacuation route can be turned on remotely. This system can work well inside large facilities as well. Employees and visitors rely upon illuminated signage in the case of a disaster or power outage. Blinkersigns can indicate evacuation routes and employee assembly points, even through the loss of facility electricity.

Evacuation Route System Can Be Turned on Remotely Even During Loss of Power

Features & Advantages

  • Saves Lives
  • Reduces Injuries and Accidents
  • Reduces Blow-Throughs
  • Reduces Incomplete Stops
  • Zero Electrical Costs

Optional Key Fob Transmitter/Receiver

TAPCO's RF433 digital receiver and transmitter guarantee you reliable and efficient operation and easy installation for multiple applications.

  • Operates with a Unique Rolling Code Each Time the Switch is Activated
  • Multiple Applications with Delay Programming
  • 100 Transmitters Can Be Programmed to Activate a Single Receiver
  • Up to 4 Separate Wireless Receivers Can Be Activated By a Single Transmitter (i.e. 4-Button)
  • Red LED Indicator on Transmitter Confirms Transmission and Battery Life
  • 3-Volt or 9-Volt Battery Power

Optional Key Switch

Easy activation with a key. Only allows authorized personnel to activate. Stays active until switched off.

Optional Toggle Switch

Easy activation with a physical switch. Stays active until switched off.

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