Emergency Vehicle Warning System

Emergency crews deserve safe, ready access to streets adjacent to their fire house or emergency vehicle location. The egress onto the street or highway may pose visibility challenges (such as curves and obstructions), or the posted speeds may warrant an added warning. Speeders and distracted drivers only compound the problem.

Emergency Vehicle Flashing BlinkerSign® and BlinkerBeacon™ provide a high-visibility advance warning to drivers approaching the emergency vehicle station egress or ingress. The BlinkerSign® can be wirelessly activated from multiple methods, including a push-button in the vehicle station or remote activation key fobs in emergency vehicles.

  • Solar Powered,
    No AC Power Required
  • Easy Installation
  • MUTCD Compliant
  • Remote Activation Available

Brilliant, Real-Time Alerting of Departing and Returning Emergency Vehicles

Features & Advantages

  • Integrates with Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) Systems
  • Increased Visibility at High Incident Intersections
  • High Intensity Day-Viz® LEDs Command Attention Day and Night
  • Multiple Signs Can Be Synchronized
  • Heightened Driver Awareness
  • No Need for Concrete Cutting, Trenching or Special Work Crews
  • Reduces Injuries, Accidents and Saves Lives

Multiple Activiations are Available

Activate a wall-mounted control box when vehicle(s) depart station or allow the emergency vehicle driver to activate system via key fob when returning to station.

(View "Smart Activations" tab above for more details)

Remotely Monitor and Manage Intelligent Warning Systems

Enhance this system with the use of BlinkLink® Powered by TAPCO. Easy-to-use, cloud-based application cities utilize to manage, schedule, control and monitor system-wide time clocks and other intelligent warning systems.

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Optional Opticom™ Emergency Vehicle Preemption

  • Delays Arriving on Scene Can Put Property and Lives At Risk
  • Reduces Intersection Crash Rates By Up to 70%
  • Improve Response Times By Up to 25%
  • Choose Either IR Option or GPS Technology

IR Option

The IR emitter sends a secure, encoded priority request to the intersection.

GPS vehicle equipment transmits vehicle speed, direction and turn signal statsus to GPS intersection equipment.

GPS Option

GPS vehicle equipment transmits vehicle speed, direction and turn signal statsus to GPS intersection equipment.

Opticom™ detector recieves IR signal and relays the request to Opticom™ phase selector.

Opticom™ Multimode phase selector validates request form IR detector or GPS receiver, and alerts the traffic control system which changes the traffic signal and activates signs and or beacons.

Optional BlinkerBeam® Wireless Communication

Systems can be activated and controlled with BlinkerBeam® self-powered wireless transmitters and receivers. These compact controllers activate systems wirelessly within a 1000 ft. range line of site (longer distances available with external antennas). BlinkerBeam® can be activated and controlled from a remote location, allowing for immediate implementation of warning, emergency and evacuation systems. Electric grid independence provides activation during power outages and remote locations.

Optional Firehouse Activation Control

Located in a Firehouse, for activating signs indicating departing or returning fire trucks. Wireless communication allows communication to outdoor signs in nearly all outlet settings. Installation is easy, and does not require concrete cutting, trenching or special work crews.

  • LED Indicators
  • Rugged, Commercial-Grade Push-Button
  • Can Integrate Within Existing EMS Systems
  • No Need For Concrete Cutting, Trenching or Special Work Crews

Optional Push Button or Button Station

  • Activated with Less Than 2 lbs Force
  • Provides Two-Tone Audible Confirmation as Well as Visual Confirmation
  • Cannot Be Jammed or Stuck in "On" Position
  • Wind, Hail and Vibrations Have No Effect
  • Superior Grade Pre-Treatment and Powder Coat
  • Stainless Steel Button Cap
  • Meets ADA, MUTCD and TAC Requirements
  • Transient Protection that Meets and Exceeds NEMA Specifications

Optional Key Fob Transmitter/Receiver

TAPCO's RF433 digital receiver and transmitter guarantee you reliable and efficient operation and easy installation for multiple applications.

  • Operates with a Unique Rolling Code Each Time the Switch is Activated
  • Multiple Applications with Delay Programming
  • 100 Transmitters Can Be Programmed to Activate a Single Receiver
  • Up to 4 Separate Wireless Receivers Can Be Activated By a Single Transmitter (i.e. 4-Button)
  • Red LED Indicator on Transmitter Confirms Transmission and Battery Life
  • 3-Volt or 9-Volt Battery Power

Optional Motion and Presence Detector

Active infrared and microwave technologies work together to provide precise presence and accurate vehicle and pedestrian motion detection.

  • Mountable Between 8' and 16'
  • Impervious to Light, Sun, Rain and Snow
  • Housing is Rated NEMA-4

Optional Timeclock Controller With Software

  • Windows-Based Program Running from a Laptop or PC (Software and Cable Sold Separately)
  • Simple Solution for Single BlinkerSign® Management
  • Based on the Calendar Year with the Ability to Program in Holidays and Daylight Savings Time
  • Choose from 8 Different Day Types and 16 Events Per Day
  • Ideal for School, Business and Industrial Facility Work Schedules

Emergency Vehicle Egress Warning System

Emergency Vehicles departing Fire Houses, Hospitals, Medical Clinics and other locations inevitably experience conflicts with other vehicles approaching the facility. Traffic & Parking Control Company's Emergency Vehicle Egress Warning Systems are designed to enhance traffic safety by reducing vehicle conflicts.

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