Why TAPCO Intelligent Warning Systems?

Our line of Solar and LED-enhanced Intelligent Warning Systems provide our customers innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions that enhance safety for all road users. Whether your traffic safety need calls for a standard solution or a custom-built system, our traffic safety experts will work with you one-on-one to ensure your TAPCO Intelligent Warning System fits your traffic safety need.

"I conducted countless traffic studies... the BlinkerStop® sign significantly increased the visibility of the stop sign... unlike a beacon, draws attention directly to the traffic sign and conveys not only the color, but also the physical size and geometric shape of the sign."

David Royer, Consulting Traffic and Highway Engineer

TAPCO Intelligent Warning System:

  • Can Be Integrated With ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)
  • Wirelessly Connect Multiple Signs For Increased Visibility
  • Various Activation Methods Fit Every Traffic Safety Need - 24/7, Push Button, Vehicle Detection, and More
  • Automatically Adjust Light Output For Maximum Visibility and Battery Efficiency
  • LED-Enhancements Command Driver's Attention Day and Night

Eco-Friendly Solar Panels Reduce Electricity Costs

Solar-powered TAPCO Intelligent Warning Systems save our customers electricity costs, reduce their carbon footprint and stay operating during power outages. Before installation, we create a solar site analysis by combining site-specific data through published global weather data that can be applied to other solar application in the area.

(AC Power is Available If Required)

High Intensity LEDs Adjust Brightness

TAPCO Intelligent Warning Systems feature high-intensity LEDs that adjust brightness based on available light. Patented through our AutoBright™ technology, the system circuity measures surrounding light and either increases or decreases LED brightness to maximize visibility and power efficiency.

Custom Capabilities To Fit Any Traffic Safety Need

Custom Intelligent Warning Systems can be fabricated with any MUTCD-approved sign legend when unique traffic safety needs arise. Our capabilities allow us to custom tailor the right sign, activation method and power system to best accommodate every customer.

Smart Activations Include:

  • Time Clock
  • Wireless Control
  • Vehicle Detection
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