Building a Safe School Zone Environment: a Step-by-Step Guide


Millions of students throughout the U.S. attend school every year — which makes protecting students in school zones of the utmost importance. Discover how to assess and enhance school zone safety in your community by leveraging solutions that fit your school’s budget and unique needs.  

Learn about:

  • The importance of school zone safety
  • Why school zone collisions occur
  • How to select the optimal solutions
  • Enhancing school zone safety
  • And more


With so many students traveling to and from school each day, school officials and transportation professionals have a responsibility to protect students, as well as teachers, staff and parents, in school zones.

However, schools often lack the countermeasures necessary to effectively protect students — whether through minimal measures or none at all.

Building a Safe School Zone Environment: A Step-by-Step Guide is designed to help school and transportation officials understand the unique needs of their school zones and identify the right solutions to elevate safety.

Only 56% of middle schools have traffic lights or crosswalk systems in their school zones (Safe Kids Worldwide).


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