Preventative Maintenance Contract Optimizes Wrong-Way Alert System


There are 28 TAPCO Wrong-Way Alert Systems operated by RIDOT. Maintaining these systems required time and expertise RIDOT wanted to dedicate elsewhere, prompting them to choose a TAPCO preventative maintenance contract.


Wrong-Way Alert System Preventative Maintenance Contract


RIDOT was founded in 1970 and has 790 employees, with a main office in Providence. They are a government agency that designs, constructs and maintains Rhode Island’s surface transportation system covering 1,100 miles of roadways, 1,178 bridges and five rail stations.


Though Rhode Island is a small state, its department of transportation (DOT) covers many miles of roadways where wrong-way incidents can occur. These incidents are particularly dangerous given how often they involve high speeds and head-on collisions, but they can be reduced with the installment of wrong-way alert systems.

With the support of TAPCO and a local distributor, Ocean State Signal Company, RIDOT successfully installed 28 TAPCO Wrong-Way Alert Systems, spanning from the capital of Providence all the way north to the town of Lincoln. The systems are uniquely engineered to fit any ramp configuration and are equipped with innovative technology that detects wrong-way drivers and helps reduce wrong-way driving events.

RIDOT relies on Buck Hodgkinson, Senior Field Service Technician, to manage its intelligent transportation systems. He ensures RIDOT’s wrong-way alert systems are properly maintained and always performing optimally, and he quickly realized the value a preventative maintenance contract could offer.

“[The employees at TAPCO] are all very professional… They really care about the systems and want them performing at the highest level.”

Buck Hodgkinson,
Senior Field Service Technician at RIDOT


“[The TAPCO Wrong-Way Alert System] definitely works and I would recommend it,” commented Buck. “As far as the maintenance contract goes, keeping these things working properly is obviously very important.”

Given that serious collisions can be avoided with wrong-way alert systems operating at peak performance, Buck and his team took the care of these systems seriously. However, they were tasked with the upkeep and operation of many vital transportation systems throughout the state, so prioritizing technicians’ time was crucial. Buck needed qualified industry experts to conduct routine preventative maintenance and close inspections without spreading his team too thin.

After working with the experts at TAPCO to identify the best way to maintain the RIDOT’s wrong-way alert systems, Buck decided to leverage a preventative maintenance contract from TAPCO that would free up his team’s time for more urgent matters.

RIDOT also desired a thorough inspection and recertification of their systems that play a key role in preventing deadly wrong-way collisions.

“We wanted these devices to be recertified on a yearly basis,” remarked Buck. “[TAPCO service technicians] go through all the sites and they do a drive test and make any necessary adjustments or repairs.”

Buck knew TAPCO technicians would have the best knowledge of their own system while also providing dependable and detailed service. A good relationship with the company made the decision to get a TAPCO preventative maintenance contract simple.

The RIDOT’s three-year contract includes testing the entire system to optimize performance and lifespan. It also guarantees next-level service, extended system warranties and detailed records of inspections, providing dependable support and ease of mind for Buck and his team.

“[TAPCO service technicians] go through all the sites and they do a drive test and make any necessary adjustments or repairs.”

Buck Hodgkinson,
Senior Field Service Technician at RIDOT


Buck has confidence in the reliability of RIDOT’s TAPCO Wrong-Way Alert Systems thanks to the quality of the systems and the expert maintenance conducted on them, and he plans to renew the contract when the three years are up.

“[The employees at TAPCO] are all very professional, nice and good-quality people, and they’re a pleasure to work with,” Buck commented. “They really care about the systems and want them performing at the highest level.”

Another important tool RIDOT has leveraged successfully in conjunction with the preventative maintenance services is TAPCO’s BlinkLink® software, which gives them the ability to monitor wrong-way alert system sites remotely from the RIDOT traffic management center.

“We monitor every site on a daily basis through the BlinkLink® software,” Buck explained. “If our electrical contractor cannot handle the issue, I’ll put in a call to get help from TAPCO. Then, they come out and take care of it.”

Out of BlinkLink®’s many features, Buck was most pleased with its diagnostic abilities, remarking on the convenience it provides.

“The cool thing about BlinkLink® is that it has got its own diagnostics that will come through and send emails. I don’t even have to go to BlinkLink® — it comes to me.”

Provided with general maintenance and yearly recertifications – as well as prompt system updates and alerts – via a TAPCO preventative maintenance contract, Buck and his team now feel fully equipped to maintain RIDOT’s 28 TAPCO Wrong-Way Alert Systems.

“I don’t even have to go to BlinkLink® — it comes to me.”

Buck Hodgkinson,
Senior Field Service Technician at RIDOT


Managing traffic safety systems extends beyond procurement and installation. The right preventative maintenance plan is required to optimize system performance and lifespan.


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