5 Reasons TAPCO May Not Be a Good Fit for your Traffic Safety Project

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When trying to identify if a company and its products are the right fit for your organization’s unique traffic safety project, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. For high-stakes safety projects in particular, the pressure to deliver can be intense.

After all, there are many traffic safety solution manufacturers and suppliers out there, all with different specialties, products and price points.

To make it a little easier on you, I’ve gathered a few honest reasons why TAPCO may not be the best option for your project. Keeping these reasons in mind will help you determine the best way to improve traffic safety, whether that’s with TAPCO or with someone else.


1. Your Location

TAPCO sells and ships 18,000+ traffic safety solutions – from TAPCO-made Intelligent Warning Systems to traffic cones and barricades – all over the world. However, every country has its own set of import restrictions, so some products simply cannot be sold to certain countries, and restrictions do change over time as well.

TAPCO takes compliance with these import restrictions very seriously; thus, we ship products on a case-by-case basis. If you’re in a country outside the U.S. and you’re not sure if the products you want are available, just ask us.

For U.S. customers, we are able to deliver virtually every product to any corner of the country.


2. You’re Looking for Something We Don’t Offer

While TAPCO aims to be a one-stop shop and offers a huge variety of products, as well as software and services, there are always going to be some things we don’t offer.

For example, TAPCO provides on-site installation supervision and sometimes conducts its own installations. However, we frequently partner with local contractors to sub-contract out installation work instead. This is a great opportunity for those contractors, and it ensures people who are deeply knowledgeable about your state’s regulations are doing the installation.

If you’re adamant about your traffic safety solution manufacturer doing the installation themselves though, we might not be the right choice.


3. You’re Not Interested in Any Feedback About Better Product or System Configuration Options

Various projects and climates call for different types of products and configurations. Rather than sell you any product you want to buy, even if it isn’t the best choice for your project or climate, TAPCO values communicating with you about what may align better with your needs, if necessary.

If the installation will occur somewhere with only the occasional ray of sunlight most of the year and you request a quote on a solar-powered Intelligent Warning System, we will recommend an AC-powered system instead.

If you live somewhere that regularly receives several feet of snow and are looking at in-road warning lights for a crosswalk, we will suggest other pedestrian safety solutions that aren’t at risk of being damaged by snowplows.

We recognize that you are an expert on and advocate for your community's safety. TAPCO is here to align with your existing knowledge and build upon it to suggest the best system for your needs.


4. You’re Looking for the Cheapest Possible Option Only

Sometimes the TAPCO solution is the cheapest option for a project — but not always. TAPCO prioritizes long-term performance and durability, making TAPCO solutions cost-effective, though occasionally not the least expensive option.

For government agencies, we always suggest looking into OMNIA Partners, Public Sector, the nation’s largest and most experienced cooperative purchasing organization dedicated to public sector procurement.

Still, if the budget for your project is incredibly tight and TAPCO’s focus on durability means we’re not the lowest bidder, we may simply not be a good fit this time around.


5. You Want Small, Highly Customized Systems

TAPCO offers comprehensive engineered-to-order traffic safety systems developed by in-house experts. However, for agencies and businesses interested in purchasing one lone system with specific needs that require extensive customization, we may not be able to allocate all the needed resources to your project.

We get many requests for customized systems and love being able to offer that service. Sometimes, that means we have to prioritize major projects over minor ones. We determine which projects we can take on via a case-by-case basis, so reach out to us with your project and we’ll let you know. Smaller projects are certainly important to us, too.


While TAPCO is always honored to be considered for your projects, we value improving safety for all road users first and foremost. Finding the best solutions for your traffic safety project – whether they come from TAPCO or not – best serves that mission.


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Robert Prosser

TAPCO | Vice President of Sales & Marketing

With a career spanning over two decades, Rob has served in various product development, sales and leadership positions and has leveraged those experiences to lead TAPCO through major product launches aimed at enhancing roadway safety.

Rob is especially passionate about TAPCO's unique convergence of technology and market applications and is excited to continue bringing essential traffic safety solutions to communities nationwide.

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