V-Loc® Post Anchor for Round 2 3/8" Posts

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When pairing decorative aluminum poles with TAPCO's V-Loc® anchors, you get both the ease of installation and the safety of an NCHRP 350 approved breakaway anchor system. V-Loc® is the state of the art, reusable breakaway anchor, allowing you to replace posts literally in minutes. It anchors posts for signs, mailboxes and other applications. The V-Loc® anchor socket can be installed in concrete, asphalt or dirt safely by one person in a matter of minutes either by hand or power driver. Once the V-Loc® anchor is installed, you simply insert your post and drive in the patented wedge, locking the post into the anchor without the need for any additional hardware. V-Loc® fins require no concrete in soil. It's simple, solid and safe. Each V-Loc® includes a locking wedge easily replaced after a vehicle impact. Other diameter post and ground settings are available.


Additional Product Specifications:

SKU Model Number Post/Pole Diameter Post/Pole Type Post/Pole Width Weight
034-00003 23-VR2 2.375 in Round   12.80 lb
034-00012 23-VR1 2.375 in Round   5 lb
034-00014 23-VR3 2.375 in Round   14.80 lb
034-00082 23-VR1P 2.375 in Round   5.50 lb
034-00083 23-VR2B 2.375 in Round   13.70 lb
034-00085 23-VR3B 2.375 in Round   15.70 lb
034-00113 23-VR4 2.375 in Round   16.8 lb
034-00122 23-VR1A 2.375 in Round   11 lb

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