Traffic Button Raised Pavement Marker

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Sold in a box of 100 markers

Traffic button raised pavement markers play an important safety function on roads, communicating both the travel path for short and long range vehicle operation. Traffic button raised pavement markers are primarily used for skip line delineation in roadways, but the product is also utilized in construction zones where a vibratory lane departure alert is needed. Traffic button raised pavement markers may be applied using epoxy, bitumen, or preformed thermoplastic.

Product received will be white.

Product Advantages:

  • Strong, light-weight buttons provide an excellent vibratory lane departure warning for vehicles.
  • Product is available in white (other colors available by request)


  • Sold in a box of 100 markers
  • Diameter: 3.85 - 4.05 inches (9.8-10.3 cm)
  • Weight: 2.50 oz. (71 grams)
  • Material: ABS plastic body
  • Specification: Meets CalTrans 669, ASTM 6628 and ASTM D 2794

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