StrongArmPark DC™ Parking Barrier Gate Operator

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StrongArmPark DC™ is HySecurity's innovative electromechanical parking and revenue control barrier arm operator. It provides continuous duty with UPS battery backup and meets the high cycle, high reliability and low maintenance demands of the parking, residential, commercial and industrial automatic gate operator requirements.

Features Include:

  • Configure gate operation to exact user needs with the sophisticated and easy-to-use Smart DC Controller and Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (S.T.A.R.T).
  • Auto rebound greatly reduces possibility of injury or vehicle damage.
  • Optional Hy8Relay™ provides eight additional relay output terminals to the Smart DC Controller. Each user relay can be configured to perform a specific function, including revenue control options.
  • The HyProtect™ advanced breakaway arm mount is standard equipment for all StrongArmPark DC™ operators. If a vehicle hits the arm, the bolts in the mount break allowing the arm to swing out of the way, lessening damage to the vehicle and operator and reducing the cost of arm replacement. Refit the arm in less than a minute. The HyProtect™ arm mount adapts easily to typical aftermarket arms such as 1" x 4" wood or 2.5" square PVC.
  • UPS cycles depend on accessory power draw, frequency of cycles, battery health, ambient temperature and other conditions.


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