SpeedAlert Radar Message Sign

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SpeedAlert Radar Message Sign

  • Full Matrix display
  • Internal K band radar with adjustable sensitivity
  • Meets MUTCD specifications

Speed-Dependent Messaging

Give drivers immediate feedback by displaying custom messages specific to their speed, like "Slow Down", "Too Fast!", or any other message you choose to create. You have complete control over which messages are displayed, when they are displayed, and for how long.

Durably Made in the USA

  • SpeedAlert is shatterproof, graffiti-resistant, and built to last for over a decade in all weather conditions
  • All Traffic Solutions products are manufactured in their State College, Pennsylvania production facility in compliance with the Buy American Act and the Buy America Act.

Mounting Options

  • Trailer: Includes ATS 5 trailer, 90W solar panel, 470Ah of batteries
  • Post: Includes portable post with PowerCase 36 (18Ah AGM SLA battery, 12VDC)
    • Folds for easy storage and portability
    • 18: 60" to 73" to bottom, 80" to 93" to top of sign depending on leg positions
    • 24: 47" to 60" to bottom, 73" to 86" to top of sign depending on leg positions; rotate bracket for additional 12" height
  • Hitchmount: Includes hitchmount wiht PowerCase 36: 18Ah AGM SLA battery, 12VDC
    • Mounts sign 30" to bottom of sign from receiver tube (final height dependent on receiver height)
    • Fits 1-1/4" or 2" receiver, adapter included, 1/2" hitch pin
    • Locking rotation adjustment on 15 degree increments over 180 degrees, +/- 5 degrees tilt

TraffiCloud® Traffic Suite

  • Access real-time traffic data, generate ready-made speed and volume reports, and get email or text alerts for tampering, low batteries, and high-speed violators
  • All Traffic Solutions' patented TraffiCloud® software enables you to remotely manage and monitor your devices from anywhere using any internet-connected device
  • Manage custom messages
  • Equipment Management: Online sign management 
    • Change messages and settings remotely 
  • Alerts: Notifications for low battery and tampering 
  • Mapping: Visually manage equipment and data


    • Included with TraffiCloud® Web Subscription, product software upgrade free
    • Perpetual warranty for the duration of subscription, extended warranty
    • Accessories, vandalism and accidental damage (non-warranty) at 50% off list price

Additional Specifications

SpeedAlert 18 (SA18)
  • 18" x 28" Full Matrix
  • Size and weight without battery: 30"x20"x2.74" (without Your Speed sign), 29lbs
  • 1-2 line messages
    • 1 line: 10 1/4"H x 5.75"W characters, four per line
    • 2 lines: 7"H x 4"W characters, six per line
SpeedAlert 24 (SA24)
  • 24"x60" Full Matrix
  • Open: 28"x60"x1-5/8"
  • Folded Dimensions: 28"x30"x3.25"
  • Weight without battery: 43lbs
  • 1-3 line messages
    • 1 line: 24"H x 12.5"W characters, four per line
    • 2 lines: 10 1/4"H x 5.75"W characters, eight per line
    • 3 lines: 7"H x 4"W characters, 12 per line
    • 2 lines: (1) 7' char, 12/line, (1) 10.25" char, 8/line

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