Round Dome Top Utility Sewer Markers

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  • Ideal for marking underground hazards and rights of way
  • The 3 1/2" OD round white post has a domed 3 1/2" ID color enhancer on the top
  • 10" anchor tube for locking the post into the ground
  • Constructed of a durable, UV-resistant, thermoplastic polymer material resistant to impact, ozone and hydrocarbons
  • Graphics are hot-stamped directly into the post, ensuring the warning message will remain visible throughout the entire lifespan of the marker


Additional Product Specifications:

SKU Color Material Weight
113781 Green Thermoplastic Polymer 2.48 lb
113785A Green Thermoplastic Polymer 2.7 lb
113789 Green Thermoplastic Polymer 2.93 lb

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