RetroSign GRX Retroreflectometer

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RetroSign GRX is the most advanced retroreflectometer available on the market today for measuring retroreflection of road traffic signs, conspicuity tape, license plates and safety clothing. Its unprecedented performance includes:

  • GPS location
  • Barcode and QR code scanning
  • Sign color recognition and color contrast calculation
  • Sign legend and background retroreflectivity
  • Sign positioning/orientation and instrument inclination and rotation
  • Makes a picture of the sign measurable

Data transfer has an option to be wireless, and data can be processed in existing software formats. GRX is simple to calibrate with stray light compensated and can store more than the instrument memory. GRX can be delivered with the MUTCD sign library, allowing an automatic pass-fail function; if no MUTCD library is used, a manual pass-fail function can be activated.

GRX is camera-based and employs LED light source technology and up to seven detectors for measuring the retroreflection at difference observation angles. It is based on point aperture geometry comparable to laboratory readings reflecting real-world driving conditions and allows detection of incorrect sheeting application.

RetroSign GRX combines CEN and ASTM geometries in one instrument and is offered in the following base models:

  • GRX-1 (1 entrance and 1 main observation angle)
  • GRX-3 (1 entrance and 3 observation angles)
  • GRX-7 (1 entrance and 7 observation angles)

Customize to your needs. The different RetroSign models can be upgraded with the following built-in features:

  • Camera (picture of sign, calibration scan, barcodes scan, QR codes)
  • GPS
  • Wireless communication
  • MUTCD library for automatic pass or fail evaluation

The different RetroSign models can be upgraded with the following external features:

  • Extension pole (for measuring high-placed traffic signs)
  • Entrance angles: 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 45 degrees (please specify angle when ordering)

GRX comes with additional tablet support for improved data analysis, reporting and extended functionality. This feature requires wireless communication activated on the GRX. RetroSign GRX complies with the following standards: EN 12899, EN 20471, ASTM E 1709 and ASTM E 2540.


Additional Product Specifications:

Retroreflectometer; Calibration standard; battery with charger; backpack
Retroreflectometer; Camera; GPS; wireless communication/Bluetooth; calibration scan; barcode scan; QR codes; battery with charger; backpack

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