Pi-lit® ICS Sequential LED Road Flare

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The Pi-lit® ICS 'smart flare' incorporates an innovative radio-linked network to automatically sequence the flash. Approaching vehicles see a sequential string of flares much like a airport landing strip that guides traffic around the incident. They are easy to deploy and with a single button press, they advance traffic guidance and safety.

This intelligent flare incorporates sequential technology into a smaller, rugged, LED roadside solution perfect for police, fire, first responders, maintenance crews, DOT safety workers, and other traffic safety professionals. This flare is designed to replace traditional magnesium perchlorate flame flares. In addition to being quick and easy to deploy, they provide directional information not available through flame or other flares on the market.

5 Different Default Group Frequencies to Choose from - Color coded for ease of use and separation

  • Yellow Dot [Group Frequency 1]
  • Blue Dot [Group Frequency 2]
  • Green Dot [Group Frequency 3]
  • Beige Dot [Group Frequency 4]
  • Black Dot [Group Frequency 5]

***Users can change group frequency at any time (flare will return to default group when batteries are removed resetting the flare)


  • Powered by Lithium Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery life: Minimal = ~20 hours, Nominal = ~24-36 hours
  • Charge time: from depleted battery = ~ 6 hours
  • Power Adapters: Charge from your vehicle (12-v DC) or your wall (110-220 v AC)
  • Battery status check with a push of a button
  • Rugged and compact
  • 50+ foot range between flares
  • No limit to the number of flares in a group frequency string
  • IP66 water and dust rating

Features and Benefits

  • Magnetic battery door (can attach to back of vehicle)
  • 4 flash patterns to choose from (operators preference)
  • Change patterns to all flares from any single flare
  • 12 bright side LEDs, 4 bright top LEDs
  • Automatically switches between side LEDs and top LEDs based on orientation
  • When top LEDs are locked, cones can be placed over flares causing your cones to illuminate and sequence
  • Turn off all flares with a single button
  • Built in the USA




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