Park-N-Guard™ Speed Bump

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These guidance devices provide a physical warning for motorists. They are ideal for parking lots, garages and facility entrances. Manufactured from a durable polymer material that is chemical and weather resistant, they outlast concrete and rubber products.

  • 8" L x 8" W x 1.5" H
  • 1-quart epoxy will install 6 blocks
  • A guidance device provides a physical deterrent or warning for motorists
  • Ideal for traffic-calming, work zones, garages, edge drop-off markings, bicycle lanes, parking lots, light rail and driveways
  • Polymer material outlasts concrete and rubber products
  • Unique groove system provides easy installation and improved adhesion for epoxy glues
  • Bolt holes are provided for additional anchoring where desired
  • Maintenance-free

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