Long Squeeze Delineator Post

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Long Squeeze Delineator Post

These flexible delineators are designed to aid motorists in identifying the alignment of the roadway when utilized in roadside or centerline applications.

These flexible delineators are ideal for any application where high performance and durability are important, including exit lane delineation, changes in road alignment, centerline traffic separation or urban turn restrictions.

Delineators are manufactured to receive a 14” flattened area designed for the application of a 3” x 12” area of retroreflectivity on one or both sides. They come standard with our patented reactive spring system that allows the posts to withstand multiple impacts and return to their original position without any vertical listing.

Note: the color of the delineator should conform to adjacent pavement markings.

Does not include base or installation hardware. Choose the right delineator and base option using the definitions below.

Choose between a fixed base or quick-release base style.

Fixed bases and delineators have a standard bolt-in system to screw in and out. These will take a little bit longer to install or remove. For use in low traffic/permanent locations.

Quick-release (QR) bases and delineator sets make it quick and easy to remove the delineators; just pull the pin, and the post comes off the base. Great for temporary uses or high traffic/damage areas where delineators might need to be replaced.

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