LaneGard 3® 6' Folding Type III Barricade

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Features and Benefits of Portable Frame:

  • Unique, one-piece design folds for transport and storage and unfolds for deployment
  • Once assembled, LaneGard 3® is always assembled
  • Measures less than 3" thick when folded
  • Tested to Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) Guidelines; FHWA Eligibility Letter WZ-336
  • Sets up and tears down in seconds

Features and Benefits of Barricade Boards:

  • Available in 4', 6' and 8' lengths
  • Blow-molded from high-density polyethylene and UV-stabilized with reinforced structure
  • Wave design strengthens and stiffens centerboard, reducing sagging and warping
  • Closed ends prevent dirt and moisture from collecting and bees and hornets from building nests
  • Molded-through holes add strength and support, making installations faster
  • Retroreflective sheeting meets all state and federal specifications and is available in Engineer, Hi-Intensity and Diamond Grades
  • FHWA Acceptance Letter WZ-173, WZ-336 and WZ-244

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