Label Printer Material, PET Film, for Graphtec Printers

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  • Media material dimensions: 5.1" x 109 yards
  • Media material sold in 4 packs

Additional Product Specifications:

SKU Compatible Model Pack Quantity Type
116154 FNS MAT N25-131OB-R4 4 Pack PET Film
116155 FNS MAT N50-131OB-R4 4-Pack PET Film
116156 S50-131OB-R4 4-Pack PET Film
116157 FR1615-50-1310-R4A 4-Pack PET Film
116158 PET25A-1310B-R4 4-Pack PET Film
116159 PET50A-1310B-R4 4-Pack PET Film
116160 FR1225-50-1310-R4A 4-Pack PET Film
116161 PETWH50A-1310-R4A 4-Pack PET Film
116162 Fr1415-50-1310-R4A 4-Pack PET Film
116163 F1015-50-1310-R4A 4-Pack PET Film

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