HIT Kit +2™ Utility Damage Investigation Kit

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HIT Kit +2™ Utility Damage Investigation Kit

The HIT Kit™ is used to enhance root cause investigations and to accurately record damage to buried facilities such as fiber optic cable, pipelines, electrical lines and more. Use of the HIT Kit™ in your investigation enables consistent documentation across your organization by using a standard tool to record every incident. High visibility Damage and Mark posts allow you to photograph the excavation site from different angles and provide a better perspective of the damage or near miss. The HIT Kit +2™ includes extra “MARK” posts for the ability to photograph an even larger area, assisting in extrapolating the locate marks for a clearer depiction of the scene. Use of the HIT Kit +2™ can reduce unnecessary and costly legal actions when damage occurs.

The kit contains:

  • 3 Mark Posts each with 3 Mark decals
  • 1 Damage Post with 3 Damage decals
  • 1 36” ruler
  • 4 Stands to hold the posts
  • 8 Spikes to secure the posts
  • 1 XL Bag

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